Damiani was founded in Valenza in 1924 and it is today managed by the third generation, being a leader in the Italian market of production and commercialization of high-end watches and jewels.

The historic brand remains active in the jewellery sector thanks to the ownership of prestigious labels namely Damiani, Calderoni 1840, Salvini, Alfieri & St. John and Bliss; the Group also owns Rocca 1794, which prides itself on over 200 years in the sale of the most renowned watch and jewellery brands. The Damiani Group operates in Italy and in the main world markets through its directly managed points of sale and franchises situated in the most exclusive shopping districts of the international fashion world.

Representing a strong multi-centennial tradition, the Damiani Group is a discerning interpreter of historical heritage, which is being portrayed, in full respect of tradition, with the same innovative spirit of its origins.

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