Piazza Duomo, 25, MIlano

Rocca presents Spicchi di Luna

The elegant Rocca Boutique of Milan, located in Piazza Duomo 25, had the pleasure to host an...

Piazza Duomo, 25, MIlano

Fine craftsmanship enlightens Rocca Boutique...

Rocca Boutique of Milan had the pleasure to host the Mediolanum Bank’s most distinguished...

Piazza Duomo, 25, MIlano

Rocca and Barberino’s for Father’s Day

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Rocca 1794 organized an event in collaboration with a special...

Milano, Piazza Duomo, 25

Rocca meets Damiani's craftsmanship

Bari, via Sparano da Bari, 52/54

A new look for the Corner Rolex of Bari...

Torino, via Roma, 290


Milano, Piazza Duomo, 25

Exclusive Christmas Dinner by Rocca and...

Via Giuseppe Sacchi, 5/7, 20121 Milano

Rocca 1794 at Porsche Exclusive Night

Via Sparano da Bari, 52/54, Bari

Rocca and Damiani present: how a jewel is...

Mantua, Palazzo Castiglioni

Rocca, Damiani and Porsche met in Mantua

Via Sparano da Bari, 52/54, Bari

Panthère de Cartier and the cocktail party...

The iconic collections of Cartier have been protagonists of the cocktail party at the Boutique of...

Piazza San Marco, 125, Venezia

"Vele d’Epoca in Laguna": the Rocca and...

Piazza Duomo, 25, Milan

Dare to Be Rare: Rocca presents horology, by...

Corso Italia, 168/170, Catania

Rocca Boutique of Catania presented Damiani...

Rocca 1794

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