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The best jewels and watches since 1794

Rocca 1794 is today the only high-end Italian jewellery and watch-making company operating with 22 Boutiques, situated in the most exclusive shopping districts of the main cities of Italy, Switzerland, and in the international airports of Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate and Roma Fiumicino.

Since 1794, Rocca Jewelleries have stood out for the highest degree of attention in their wide-ranging offers that feature the most prestigious international brands, while guaranteeing an excellent level of service and consulting assistance.



The culture of preciousness lies at the core of the company’s philosophy and is reflected in its ability to convey the values of high-end jewellery and watches to a very exclusive and discerning clientele in a blend of passion, mastery and technical expertise, seduction and elegance.

The history of Rocca 1794 is a paradigm of excellence, tradition and experience that has begun from afar: over two centuries of charm that have captivated not only the city of Turin, where this dazzling parable has had its roots, but also the whole of Italy. A plain and pure tale of passion. Enduring over two centuries.

The history of the company is firmly intertwined with the history of the country: a case in point is represented by the several illustrious figures, enlivening the political and cultural life, who were patrons of the Rocca jewelleries over the centuries.

A tale of passion two centuries long

In 1872, Rocca inaugurated the historic shop in Turin’s Piazza Lagrange; since then Giuseppe Verdi, Luigi Pirandello, Gabriele D’Annunzio and even the nobles of the Savoy House, for whom Rocca became the official supplier, have opted for the Rocca beauty and the luxury, entrusting themselves to the expert advice of skilled personnel.

The attention Rocca dedicated to watches became clear very soon: right from the beginning of the 20th century, the Boutique allowed Italians to unveil the marvels of Swiss watch-making.

Actually, Swiss manufacturers, striving for new markets, found a state-of-the-art business model in the Maison and a valid distributor for its products throughout Italy: as far back as 1912, Rocca was already the dealer for brands such as Patek Philippe & C., Vacheron & Constantin, A. Lange & Söhne, Ulysse Nardin, Glashütte, IWC and Zenith.

The aesthetic seal, technical expertise and art applied to the measurement of time: these are the characteristics that drive our skilled consultants in the choice of prestigious timepieces, elegant models or sports watches.

The growth was quick: the Rocca Jewellery soon became Rocca Department Stores, with 13 points of sale in Italy, equipped with a watch laboratory and technical assistance centres.

Mastery, experience and the attention to detail are the key forces behind the success of the Maison and have driven the company to the present day.

Una storia di passione lunga oltre due secoli

The modern times

In 2008, Rocca joined the Damiani Group. Two great excellences in the history of Italian jewellery that join their forces to continue their success story.

A story so long that it has stretched over the centuries. Yet the company has been able to adapt to the times. In 2013, Rocca 1794 inaugurated its Official Fanpage on Facebook.

Rocca 1794 Official Fanpage on Facebook

The company confirmed its commitment to the development of an integrated system of digital channels when, in 2014, it launched its maiden Luxury E-book, a digital journey among the best-sellers of jewellery and watch-making, and the innovative app Watch My Wish, the luxury e-game that rewards the chemistry between couples.

In February 2015, the company went on Instagram: so luxury and elegance can now be narrated through the evocative power of images.

The most recent development is the opening, in August, of the WeChat channel. The official account is: WeChat ID:Rocca_1794. The Chinese social network has over 500 million active users every month. In virtue of this presence, Rocca 1794 will interact with this huge audience of prospective clients and fans.

Il Luxury E-Book

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Rocca 1794

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