Hamilton  and  Indiana  Jones  legends  of  all  time 

The fedora, the whip and the watch. Hamilton’s boulton is featured on the wrist of Indiana Jones in the final installment of the iconic franchise.

A great comeback

Legendary hero archaeologist, Indiana Jones, is returning to the big screen June 30 with the final installment of the iconic franchise: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, played by Harrison Ford.

Indy wears the Boulton for his return, Hamilton’s iconic timepiece from the 1940s.

Hamilton watches and Hollywood movies have been inseparable for over 90 years.

Bringing a new facet to cinematic storytelling, Hamilton timepieces have been featured on the wrists of prominent characters, adding authenticity to the mechanics of the plot and the protagonists. Once again, Hamilton finds itself on one of film’s great adventurers.

Hamilton worked closely with Ben Wilkinson from the props team on the film, to ensure the watches seamlessly tied to the time period of the costumes designed by Joanna Johnston.




American Classic Boulton Quartz

First introduced in the 1940s, the Hamilton Boulton is one of the most quintessential watches within the American Classic collection.

Reinvented several times, the Boulton has been modernized while maintaining its distinctive cushion-shaped case, bringing the Arc Deco aesthetic into today’s world. Featuring a white dial with a small second subdial and iconic serif style numerals, this classic timepiece merges long-standing Hamilton heritage and cutting-edge Swiss watchmaking precision.

A staple of Hamilton’s timekeeping legacy, the Boulton is deserving of its spotlight on the big screen.

Khaki Navy Scuba Auto

Indy’s loyal friend Renaldo, wears the custom Khaki Navy Scuba.

Rugged and versatile, the Khaki Navy Scuba is ready to face the tough environments on your wrist or make a cameo in a movie.

At home in any setting, this adventure-driven piece can be yours in a multitude of sizes and styles.


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