Salvini EvaSalvini Eva

Salvini Jewelry: designed to mark life’s most important moments

A paradigm of elegance, style and sophistication, the Italian brand is distinctive thanks to its exclusive design, its accurate workmanship and to its meticulous finishes which confer on every creation a unique value. 

Salvini offers every woman the chance to interpret their femininity, personality and needs by wearing precious, high-quality, uniquely designed collections. It's a brand that dares to dare; to intercept change and face new challenges. Because contemporary living means paying attention to the digital evolution and adopting a sustainable approach committed to social responsibility.  

Salvini jewelry thus becomes a sign of recognition and a symbol of expressiveness and positivity. A way to write one's own story and affirm the strength and value of being a woman today.

Salvini jewelry EvaSalvini jewelry Eva

Eva Collection

The Eva collection is inspired by the snake, a creature of immense primordial and evocative power.


Battito Collection

The heart sets the beat for the most profound love stories. A heartbeat triggers the deepest emotions....


Magia Collection

A touch of magic that sparks emotions. The Magia collection stands out for its precious shapes. A balanced blend of excellence and skill.


I Segni Collection

Cross, Heart and Butterfly: messages to wear, symbols to share with those who live their lives with a common attitude.


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