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Fred Paris

Some people’s destinies are sprinkled with stars…

… But it was diamonds, pearls and multicoloured stones that studded the destiny of Fred Samuel.
Born in 1908 into an Argentine family dealing in such precious stones, he conceived a passion for cultured pearls and won recognition as a leading expert in the field.
Today, the Maison FRED honours its founder’s unquestioning love of sunlight and colour with its sun-infused creations, demonstrating its mastery of personalisation and the sheer versatility of its collections. Unmistakable and timeless jewels, able to express a claim for modernity based on striking pieces with rounded, curvace outlines.

Force 10 collection:

One of the Maison’s signature pieces, the Force 10 bracelet was created in 1966 and reflects both contemporary fashion and the maritime influence behind its inception.
This surprise encounter of a woven steel sailing cable with a gold buckle goes beyond jewellery, having come to symbolise a sense of freedom and casual elegance.
Like a flotilla of yachts blown along by the breeze, Force 10’s multiplicity of shapes and sizes, vibrant colours, ability to mix and match, and interchangeable design make it synonymous with a bold, positive style of jewellery.

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