Damiani 100 Years Anniversary

100 Years of Passion

In 2024, Damiani pays tribute to its hundred-year history: a story of family, craftsmanship, creativity and passion.

An all-italian history

Damiani’s story is that of an Italian family, one that preserves a precious know-how which is intrinsically linked to tradition: that of creating jewels that are true works of art.

Unique, handcrafted jewels that are true works of art, entirely handmade by the master goldsmiths of Valenza. It is precisely here that the Maison was born a century ago, in Italy’s most renowned goldsmith district. The helm of the Company since then has passed down through three generations.

Damiani 100 Years of HistoryDamiani 100 Years of History
Zenith Chronomaster Sport bluZenith Chronomaster Sport blu

A hundred unique creations for a hundred years

For this Centenary, the Damiani family has made a decision that is as exciting as it is significant: the Maison has chosen to exhibit a precious collection of rare stones.
Gems with an extraordinary history that majestically come to life through a skilful act of creation by the master goldsmiths of Valenza.The result is a collection of one hundred authentic jewelry masterpieces that encapsulate the continuity of a unique and unparalleled artisan tradition. 


100x100 Italiani

The exhibition Damiani 100 X 100 Italiani celebrates Damiani's first century, a prestigious milestone for the historic Valenza based company, representing Italian excellence today just as 100 years ago. 

Damiani 100x100 Italiani ExhibitionDamiani 100x100 Italiani Exhibition


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