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 Dedication and service are the hallmarks that distinguish the business of Rocca, ever since it was founded. The care and attention towards its clients are translated into an excellent technical assistance both during pre and post sale. The choice of trained and experienced personnel, in a position to provide qualified support to the requirements of our discerning clients, ensures a quick and full-scale service.

Rocca Laboratories

Expert and skilled artisans are at the disposal of our clients for specific treatments and highly professional maintenance.

With a particular attention to the world of watch-making, Rocca provides full guarantees for all the components of your timepieces.

To ensure a thorough service, in addition to our own laboratories, Rocca offers an assistance service throughout the country, in partnership with authorised external laboratories as well as with the manufacturers.


A watch is a sophisticated instrument of accuracy and therefore calls for a high degree professional maintenance that allows it to function over time.

Servicing at regular intervals, complete and accurate, with cutting-edge equipment, protects the high number of components packed inside a limited amount of space, and guarantees its functioning 24x7, all year round.

Full servicing

A complete servicing will guarantee that the watch’s various elements will be in top working conditions, restoring aesthetics and each single mechanism to the same optimal levels as when it was purchased. When a watch undergoes a thorough servicing, it is totally disassembled and the following operations are performed:

• Inspection and replacement of any damaged components

• Component washing

• Component assembly

• Lubrication of movement

• Complete servicing of movement

• Seal replacement

• Air waterproof test

• Final check on overall functioning with simulation of wrist motions

• Case and metal bracelet polishing

Rocca issues a guarantee on the servicing performed and on the results of the waterproof test. To ensure a long life and accurate watch functioning, experts recommend servicing to be performed every four years.

Waterproof test

A watch can be waterproofed to drops and sprays from hand-washing up to a higher degree of water-tightness when diving, doing nautical sports or taking a plunge. The instruction manual illustrates the degree of waterproofing guaranteed by the manufacturer. If you have any doubts, please contact an authorised dealer who always has the manufacturer’s original technical specifications.

For any type of model, a periodical waterproof test is advisable to ensure that the case remains perfectly watertight over time.
In the event of enduring exposure to water or dust, it is absolutely imperative to carry out a waterproof test at least once a year, for example, prior to the summer holidays.

If the watch requires a technical intervention to restore its waterproofing after prolonged wear and tear, e.g. replacement of the seal, Rocca 1794 laboratories offer full service.

Damiani Guarantee System (DGS)

In order to further enhance its quality assurance, Damiani issues an international certificate (GIA or HRD) that offers information about a diamond’s grading consistency equal to or greater than 0.30 carat points.

The number of the certificate is etched on the girdle of the stone and inside the ring band, a signature of absolute authenticity.

The quality of diamonds below 0.30 carat points is supported by a certificate issued by the Damiani International Guarantee of Authenticity.

Value guaranteed in time

The value of a Damiani solitaire is timeless.

Actually, it is possible to replace a Damiani diamond ring, bearing an international certificate, until 20 years of purchase, with another of the same or greater value, upon submitting the international certificate, receipt, invoice and the agreement provided t the time of purchase.

The cost of the initial purchase will be wholly deducted from the price of the new Damiani wedding ring.

Life guarantee

Damiani jewels are conceived to be worn all day long. Therefore, Damiani has activated a revolutionary service in the world of jewellery: a certificate that protects the buyer for life against mugging or robbery.

The certificate is completely free, it is stipulated at the moment of purchase and has a 3-year validity, renewable for a further 3 years on the Damiani website following a visit to any Damiani or Rocca 1794 boutique and display of the previous guarantee certificate and diamond authenticity booklet bearing the stamp and date of purchase.

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